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At Ranch Docs, we offer a variety of services and support for the ongoing care of your horse. We are confident that a combination of preventative measures, proper nutrition, and annual veterinary health examinations will allow your horse the best chance possible to live a long, happy life!



Examinations for health or treatment plans. Recommended annually to maintain a VCPR as per the ABVMA

  • Health and EIA (Coggins) testing

  • Reproduction

  • Hoof Care

  • Lameness

  • Pre-Purchase Exam

  • Behavior Consults

  • Annual and seasonal vaccinations and deworming.


Surgery and Sterilization

We are equipped to perform minor and major surgeries in clinic and on farm (with consideration to facilities and surgical procedure required)Equine castrations including cryptorchidism surgery available.


Dental Care

Dental floats, wolf tooth extractions, oral surgery


Radiography and Ultrasound

Portable digital radiography available for in clinic and on farm use. Useful for diagnostics and breeding



Nutrition consults available. We carry a variety of pelleted diets and supplements

Chiropractic Therapy

Dr. Ryan Mohr is a Certified Animal Chiropractic Specialist. He is actively involved in Equine Athletic Health including saddle fitting.

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