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Small Animal Care

At Ranch Docs, we have the wonderful privilege and sizable responsibility to care for your pet’s medical and surgical needs.  We recognize that your dog or cat is truly part of the family!  We are confident that a combination of preventative measures, proper nutrition, and annual veterinary health examinations will allow your pet the best chance possible to live a long, happy life!



Examinations for health or treatment plans. Needed annually to maintain a VCPR (vet-client-patient relationship) as per the ABVMA


Vaccination and Parasitic Treatment

Vaccinations are an important part of keeping your pet healthy and protected against common diseases.

  • Puppy and kitten vaccinations.

  • Adult vaccinations.

  • Internal and external parasite control.



Ranch Docs is happy to offer multi-pet spays and neuters for 2 or more surgeries booked on the same day for both canine and feline patients. We are equipped to perform minor and major surgeries including orthopedics


Dental Prophylaxis and Oral Surgery

Consults are available and recommended for all patients to provide an accurate dental treatment plan. Regular dental examinations and quality dental care is another way that we can help you to keep your pet healthy and happy. Ranch Docs is equipped with digital Dental Radiology to provide the best dental care for your pet.


Radiography and Ultrasound

Digital radiography is a fast and accurate diagnostic tool.


Chiropractic Therapy

Dr. Ryan Mohr is a Certified Animal Chiropractic Specialist. Available for dogs and cats.

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